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What’s Stopping You From Volunteering?

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Volunteering sounds difficult yet rewarding. At some point, we have all thought about dedicating time and effort for an advocacy. It may be personal or just an idea that touched our heart. Either way, humanity is the source of volunteerism and helping is natural. However, majority of us cannot seem to find time to actually step out and offer helping hands.

So, what’s stopping YOU from volunteering?

1. I am too busy.

“I have too much on my plate.” Ironically, some people do not have anything on their plates. That is why they need your help. If you are a workaholic that cannot find extra weekend to dedicate for volunteer work, maybe donating is a step closer to reaching out to those in need. Sometimes, there are enough volunteers but not enough funds. Consider offering a regular schedule of donation and stick to that commitment. It does not have to be a grand amount. Donating is already a grand gesture in itself.


2. I have commitments back at home.

A volunteer work in Fiji could have been a wonderful experience but responsibilities back home keep you from coming. There are organizations that need volunteers to accomplish simpler tasks. Volunteerism does not always mean flying to far-away places and to stay there for some time. How about volunteer at the nearest NGO and offer administrative assistance? Organizations also need help at the office; consider volunteering a few times a month. You can dropby every weekend and volunteer for a couple of hours. It will be a good break from your regular routine, too, and help fulfill an advocacy.

3. I do not have enough funds to donate.

When budget’s too tight and you really want to help, you do not need to spend at all. There are volunteer jobs that even offer transportation, food, and accommodation allowances. It might not be a lot but it can suffice during the duration of work. When it comes to volunteering, what you can actually do is more important than the amount you can provide.

You may not have some extra bucks in your pocket but everyone has a special skill to share. Are you a web designer? You can help an NGO build their website so more people can know about them. If you are a writer, you can help spread the word and publish more blogs about them. If you have a spare van at the garage, you can offer it to help a nearby organization in their activities. If you really want to help, you can come up of something.

4. I am too busy and do not have funds to donate.

If you have limited resources, time and money-wise, there are still volunteer work available that you can try. Organizations plan medical jobs located at districts or provinces that usually take a day up to three days. You can plan ahead and make sure that none of your personal priorities have conflicting schedules with your volunteer work. It does not have to be so far; a Cambodia volunteering experience can be exciting but helping within your vicinity is just as fulfilling.

Volunteering does not have to be complicated but it has to have a full heart to help. If there is a will, you can surely find a way.

You can check us out here http://www.volunteering.org.au/ for more details.

A Few Facts About the Lion OSX Mac Software

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The Lion OSX is the next OS X after the major Snow Leopard update and was released in 2011. It brought some changes under the hood but not as extensively as in the snow leopard or the latest Mavericks OSX versions.  The OS X Lion’s big changes came with the incorporation of several iOS feature and brought the MAC closer to Apple’s mobile operating system.  If you are grappling with the mystery of the Lion OS X, here are some details and tips which can help you understand the OSX much better:

mac software

mac software


 Unlike the latest Mavericks OS X Mac downloads which are available free of charge, Apple put a cost of $30 on the old OSX Lion operating system.   While this might seem costly in the era of free operating systems, the cost is not too high if you are a long time OS X user.  Also considering the earlier Leopard OS X that cost as much as $129, this is a relatively low cost for an operating system. It will also make the process of upgrading to the later versions a lot easier.  The software can be downloaded on the Mac App Store unlike earlier versions that could be purchased on CDs or brick and mortar stores that used to sell Apple Mac OS X versions.

The Mac App Store distribution allows you to install your OS on multiple computers with a single $30 license as long as the Macs are authorized with an Apple ID used in purchasing the operating system.  In earlier versions, a cost of $129 only got you an OS X for a single install while a $199 Family Pack allowed you to install on up to 5 Macs.

Lion-Friendly Mac Hardware

So what kinds of machines can support the Lion OSX? Some of the specifications put out by Apple which can support this OSX version include Xeon Processors, the Intel Core 2 Duo, the Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. You can get more information about the type of your machine by clicking on the Apple icon located on the top left of your screen then choose the About This Mac option to get the specifications about your Mac computer. Only Mac computers that were released after 2006 can support the Lion OS X Mac software.


Once you have purchased an upgrade from the Apple Mac Store, you will automatically download the large installer app that you will use in the installation process.  When the download process is complete, you can proceed and launch the Lion OS X installer in order to install the Mac software in place. Unlike other previous OS X versions, you do not need to create the bootable installer drive or disc. You can repeat the installation process in other machines once you have an authorized Mac App Store account.

Lion User Experience

The Lion OSX Mac software featured some major changes including a minor Finder makeover, configurable multi-touch gestures, Resume feature, and Autosave and Versions feature where the compatible programs will auto-save your work and allow you to review and see revisions in your work.  For more on the OS X and to download Mac software, check out http://macsoftwaredownloads.net.

Why You Haven’t Taken Food Handling Training Courses in Melbourne: A Shutdown Risk

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The food industry is a major contributor to Australia’s economy. This is largely due to a rapid growth of demand and supply in the food service sector. Thus, more and more entrepreneurs venture into startup catering businesses such as opening up cafes, restaurants, hotels, and concessions to capitalize on the ever-growing market. If you own one of these establishments or if you are seeking employment, then you must know that food hygiene is more than just a requirement. It is a responsibility and an asset for your work as well. This is the reason why it is important to be certified by a registered food handling training Melbourne school before setting up your own food shop.

food handling

food handling

Unfortunately, there is a general consensus that it is easy to run a food enterprise since all you need are great cooks and waiters who know their jobs, unlike other industries where employees need to have a college degree and undergo necessary trainings.

While there are very minimal requirements/qualifications to run a restaurant or work in one, it is imperative that employees are well-trained in food handling and self-hygiene to improve their quality of service, practice caution and safety when handling kitchen equipments and above all, protect the public and themselves from food-borne illnesses.

If you are wondering how come you have never attended food handling course Melbourne classes, two major reasons could be:

You think you have enough experience.

“I have been handling food ever since I knew how to turn on the cooker.”

You are probably saying that. What you do not know is that it is one thing to prepare a family meal and it is another to serve the public. It can get hectic in the kitchen area when working against the clock to ensure that the food is ready for order, such that you can easily contaminate the foodstuff.

Food products, essentials, and kitchen equipment are constantly changing as well, such that there are new methods of preservation and preparation, both of which are critical on the quality of foodstuffs. By going to a food handling training Melbourne class, you learn the latest skills and techniques that would keep you abreast on what’s new, ensuring that you are competent with your work.

I have no time to attend classes.

People in the food industry are always on a tight schedule, working around the clock to meet market demands. The little time they get is meant for family, sleep, and probably catching up with friends. Who would want to attend lectures and study for tests?

Unlike what most people believe, food handling courses Melbourne are fun, exciting, and very convenient. In fact, you do not have to physically attend classes. With JTL, you can take your training online, at your own time and at your own pace.

What’s more thrilling is that you do not have to struggle with reading notes and books as lessons are animated. You would learn all these through video recordings. Lecturers also offer full support through telephone calls, e-mail, and chats so you can have all questions answered without any delay.

Since technology has made life so convenient and online training is possible, do not take the risk of a shutdown, hefty fine, or jail term when your negligence causes harm to people. Get trained today and get certified by visiting JTL, the best food handling training Melbourne institute.

For more details, please visit our website http://Jti.edu.au/courses/food-handling.

The Dos and Don’ts When it comes to Mobile App Marketing

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Mobile usage has been growing exponentially in the last few years and with this growth, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of mobile applications in marketing products and services. While mobile software development is important, even the best app will not take off unless it is well marketed so as to create some resonance with the target audience. When it comes to the marketing of the app, there are also certain vital aspects that marketers or mobile software developers should focus on so as to ensure greater uptake and success of the app. planning to launch an App marketing campaign soon?

apps marketing

apps marketing

Here are some dos and don’ts that you can incorporate in your app promotion to ensure excellent results in the marketplace:

Add some novelty to the app

Do not rip off your users. Build an app that adds value to the end users and solves their problems. Poorly built apps will not last in the market and will quickly drop off the shelves.

Optimize the apps for the App Store

Mere submission of the apps to the app store does not guarantee you visibility and uptake. You must take proactive steps to market the apps using the conventional SEO marketing techniques. For example, write articles about the app on your company blog to let your immediate fans know about the launch of the app. You can also write multiple SEO articles informing your users on the advantages of the app. When posting the app on the App Store, describe the app accurately and use descriptive keywords that users are likely to use when searching for your app. You can also create viral content such as videos to increase the visibility of your app.

Set the Stage for the Success of Your App

Before launching the app, take the preliminary steps for its launch that will ensure the success of your app. For example, carry out a competitive analysis to determine the positioning of your app. Set up a website that you will use to market the app. Build the social profiles for the app on channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. You can also create press releases and do media trailers and teasers on the app. Lastly, work on your App Store optimization as a preliminary step before you launch your app.

Target the Right Segment of Users

Do not take the app to the wrong audiences. Identify the right market segment and target them with your app marketing. You can do some market intelligence and identify the right people to target with your app.

Price the app suitability

Do not overprice or under-price the app in order to see higher download rates. It is important to carry out research in order determine the most appropriate pricing for your app.

Release the Update versions on a regular basis

Releasing the app updates on a regular basis not only ensures trust in your app but constantly improves the quality of the app. This has a self-reinforcing effect on your app and gradually increases its quality. Besides, you can get constant feedback from users and incorporate this in future app versions.


Measure and track the progress of the app. The analytics are a very important part of the app marketing. Monitor the rates of downloads and user behavior. These can give you further insights on where to make the interventions so as to improve the user experience and uptake of the app.

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