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The Dos and Don’ts When it comes to Mobile App Marketing

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Mobile usage has been growing exponentially in the last few years and with this growth, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of mobile applications in marketing products and services. While mobile software development is important, even the best app will not take off unless it is well marketed so as to create some resonance with the target audience. When it comes to the marketing of the app, there are also certain vital aspects that marketers or mobile software developers should focus on so as to ensure greater uptake and success of the app. planning to launch an App marketing campaign soon?

apps marketing

apps marketing

Here are some dos and don’ts that you can incorporate in your app promotion to ensure excellent results in the marketplace:

Add some novelty to the app

Do not rip off your users. Build an app that adds value to the end users and solves their problems. Poorly built apps will not last in the market and will quickly drop off the shelves.

Optimize the apps for the App Store

Mere submission of the apps to the app store does not guarantee you visibility and uptake. You must take proactive steps to market the apps using the conventional SEO marketing techniques. For example, write articles about the app on your company blog to let your immediate fans know about the launch of the app. You can also write multiple SEO articles informing your users on the advantages of the app. When posting the app on the App Store, describe the app accurately and use descriptive keywords that users are likely to use when searching for your app. You can also create viral content such as videos to increase the visibility of your app.

Set the Stage for the Success of Your App

Before launching the app, take the preliminary steps for its launch that will ensure the success of your app. For example, carry out a competitive analysis to determine the positioning of your app. Set up a website that you will use to market the app. Build the social profiles for the app on channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. You can also create press releases and do media trailers and teasers on the app. Lastly, work on your App Store optimization as a preliminary step before you launch your app.

Target the Right Segment of Users

Do not take the app to the wrong audiences. Identify the right market segment and target them with your app marketing. You can do some market intelligence and identify the right people to target with your app.

Price the app suitability

Do not overprice or under-price the app in order to see higher download rates. It is important to carry out research in order determine the most appropriate pricing for your app.

Release the Update versions on a regular basis

Releasing the app updates on a regular basis not only ensures trust in your app but constantly improves the quality of the app. This has a self-reinforcing effect on your app and gradually increases its quality. Besides, you can get constant feedback from users and incorporate this in future app versions.


Measure and track the progress of the app. The analytics are a very important part of the app marketing. Monitor the rates of downloads and user behavior. These can give you further insights on where to make the interventions so as to improve the user experience and uptake of the app.

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