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What’s Stopping You From Volunteering?

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Volunteering sounds difficult yet rewarding. At some point, we have all thought about dedicating time and effort for an advocacy. It may be personal or just an idea that touched our heart. Either way, humanity is the source of volunteerism and helping is natural. However, majority of us cannot seem to find time to actually step out and offer helping hands.

So, what’s stopping YOU from volunteering?

1. I am too busy.

“I have too much on my plate.” Ironically, some people do not have anything on their plates. That is why they need your help. If you are a workaholic that cannot find extra weekend to dedicate for volunteer work, maybe donating is a step closer to reaching out to those in need. Sometimes, there are enough volunteers but not enough funds. Consider offering a regular schedule of donation and stick to that commitment. It does not have to be a grand amount. Donating is already a grand gesture in itself.


2. I have commitments back at home.

A volunteer work in Fiji could have been a wonderful experience but responsibilities back home keep you from coming. There are organizations that need volunteers to accomplish simpler tasks. Volunteerism does not always mean flying to far-away places and to stay there for some time. How about volunteer at the nearest NGO and offer administrative assistance? Organizations also need help at the office; consider volunteering a few times a month. You can dropby every weekend and volunteer for a couple of hours. It will be a good break from your regular routine, too, and help fulfill an advocacy.

3. I do not have enough funds to donate.

When budget’s too tight and you really want to help, you do not need to spend at all. There are volunteer jobs that even offer transportation, food, and accommodation allowances. It might not be a lot but it can suffice during the duration of work. When it comes to volunteering, what you can actually do is more important than the amount you can provide.

You may not have some extra bucks in your pocket but everyone has a special skill to share. Are you a web designer? You can help an NGO build their website so more people can know about them. If you are a writer, you can help spread the word and publish more blogs about them. If you have a spare van at the garage, you can offer it to help a nearby organization in their activities. If you really want to help, you can come up of something.

4. I am too busy and do not have funds to donate.

If you have limited resources, time and money-wise, there are still volunteer work available that you can try. Organizations plan medical jobs located at districts or provinces that usually take a day up to three days. You can plan ahead and make sure that none of your personal priorities have conflicting schedules with your volunteer work. It does not have to be so far; a Cambodia volunteering experience can be exciting but helping within your vicinity is just as fulfilling.

Volunteering does not have to be complicated but it has to have a full heart to help. If there is a will, you can surely find a way.

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