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Must Read Article before Setting up a Mobile Ecommerce Website

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As more and more Internet users worldwide use their mobile phones to shop for their products, it gives you even more reasons to set up a mobile e-commerce store to accommodate the growing demand online. Setting up your site is not difficult; for example, there are numerous website designers leicester services that can build you a responsive online store within a couple of days.

However, there is more to managing a successful online business than just having a great design. When you think about it, there are many other websites selling products just like yours, probably targeting the same geographical area as you do. Naturally, you want to edge out the competition and get the biggest market share. This article discusses the key things you need to consider when working with your Magento developers Leicester services for your new mobile store.

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There are four questions you need to ask yourself. These are;

       1. Who is your target audience?

       2. How will you measure the success of your mobile store?

       3. What design factors will affect the conversion rate of your store?

       4. Which layout is ideal for your products?

Without any further adieu, let’s seek to answer these critical questions.

Who is your target audience?

Obviously, your target audience are the shoppers most interested in your products. How hard is it to know that? Well, did you know that there are four types of customers from your audience group? Have a look:

      • The deal lover – These are customers who love a bargain. They will always shop at your store whenever you have offers, vouchers for grabs, Groupon deals or anything that will save them some money.

      • The comparer – The comparer will always visit your online store not necessarily to shop but to check on prices for comparison with other retailers.

      • The time passer – These are visitors who like to pass the time just browsing through your product list. They never buy or wishlist.

      • The social shopper – Lastly, we have the social customer. The hyper and ever excited customer who will like, share and follow all your posts.

By knowing and understanding all these mobile shoppers, you will be able to design your e-commerce site in a way that meets their expectation.

How will you measure the success of your mobile store?

You will never achieve anything without a set target, and you can never know you’re successful without tracking your progress. Therefore, whether you are laid down to achieving a 35% or 150% growth in conversion rate from your mobile e-commerce store, the Magento Leicester designer should be able to help you track and analyze sales reports on the platform.

What design factors will affect the conversion rate of your store?

When developing a mobile eCommerce site, you don’t have the luxury of space. Therefore, the website designers Leicester services you choose to work with should be able to provide a premium online store that prioritizes the main features and content that is easy to access and navigate.

Which layout is ideal for your product?

Finally, the design for your product pages should be attractive to your customers. This means that you have to get the typography right, use the correct sizes for the photographs and keep the descriptions short.

In conclusion, these are the top things you should always consider whenever you contact website designers Leicester providers or anywhere for that matter.

Refresher Courses Demystified

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Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the previous decade. This has sent ripples across all fields of expertise. It is hence imperative that one stays abreast with the current developments in their field of work lest their skills be rendered irrelevant. In order to gain a competitive edge, companies have invested heavily in their manpower. This investment includes refresher courses that range from Windows 8 training to financing Masters Degrees and PHDs. There are several reasons why it is very important to keep current on your skills.  The reasons that top this list are competency and state of mind.

There is always some knowledge that needs to be refreshed and rejuvenated in order to be relevant in this day and age. As problems increase in complexity and variety, the need for a smarter, safer solution increases too. The refresher courses are mostly targeted at areas of compliance, safety, procedures, processes and quality. This article is written to clarify why and when do you need a refresher course.


It is rather obvious that as time fades away so does our skills. This degradation of skills can be attributed to a number of reasons. Majorly, it is because of lack of frequent usage of the skills acquired. The existence of a better, more convenient method is also a notorious culprit. Whatsoever reasons may be for this skill degradation, it is critical that refresher training needs are identified and addressed. This ensures that the skills are sharpened and remain relevant and useful. Why is refresher training important? Let us see:

  • To keep the talent that exists.
  • To stay abreast in developments in technology e.g. windows 8 training as a refresher course.
  • To benefit wholly from the current innovations in your field of expertise.
  • To increase your productivity or that of your people.
  • To stay updated with the frequent change in trends.
  • To narrow the gap between the millennials and the boomers.


There are a lot of views regarding this question. A suitable yet general answer would be a blend of periodic refreshments and spontaneous refreshments. The periodic training would be a good idea, as it is taken within specified and regular intervals. However, most often than not, refresher training can be scheduled even before the specified period of time has elapsed, or when the need arises. This type of refresher training is the spontaneous type. The period in-between training sessions are dictated by the kind of expertise or the skill level. How would you determine which employee needs a windows 8 training or any other refresher course and who doesn’t? Below is a list of the signs to look out for:

  • The employee repeatedly fails to complete an assignment on time.
  • They poorly respond to any training given.
  • They are less productive.
  • They have had frequent accidents and other safety incidences.
  • They find it hard to grasp or accept new concepts.

It is a proven fact that refresher training elevates the self-confidence and morale of the employees. It is a worthwhile investment to devote time and money into upgrading skills through refresher courses regardless of whether it is Windows 8 training or it is a self-improvement seminar.  learn more, to this site now: HTTP://WWW.NHAUSTRALIA.COM.AU/WINDOWS-8.1-8-7-TRAINING