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4 Key Elements of an Effective Team Building

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Every company holds an annual team building event for their employees. Aside from the opportunity to unwind and step out of the office, there is a more profound benefit that can be enjoyed with team bonding activities. This explains why company owners are willing to shell out money to finance these activities because there is a greater benefit that can come out of this. Proper planning is therefore crucial to ensure that you design activities that will enable your employees to have a good time while also achieving your goals.
Whether you are planning your own team bonding activities or tapping into a consultant, there are four key elements that must be present in these activities. You can find out more about them below:
1. Understanding every team member’s role. A good team building activity must provide understanding of the role that every employee plays as part of the company. Most of the problems in the workplace arise not from the lack of skills of the employees. However, it often stems from the inability to know their roles and what to expect from everybody else. It is therefore important to clearly define those roles and help every employee sharpen their skills to become more effective in what they do.
2. Proper communication. Communication is a vital factor in all aspects of life – at work, at home or in relationships. No human can serve on their own. Hence, the ability to communicate is of utmost importance. In the workplace, proper communication will hold more weight because this will have a direct impact on your productivity as well.
3. A sense of team work. When employers hire people to work for them, they tend to focus on the individual skills and capacity of the employee. But these skills can only be utilized fully if you have an efficient team work and chemistry. Without it, these skills will not be maximized. An effective team bonding activity will therefore aim to improve camaraderie amongst the members of the team. With good camaraderie, it is easier for every individual to work together as a team.
4. The ability to persist. Even though team building games and activities are designed for fun, they also nurture an important quality in your employees: to give it their best and not quit. You will be surprised at how competitive these people can get even when it is just a simple game designed for fun. Therefore, it is important to encourage that habit of striving for success, no matter how small or trivial the reward is. You have to consistently encourage your team members to give their best in everything they do. The rewards can only come in secondary – it is the thought of achieving a goal that should be nurtured amongst every employee.
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