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A Few Facts About the Lion OSX Mac Software

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The Lion OSX is the next OS X after the major Snow Leopard update and was released in 2011. It brought some changes under the hood but not as extensively as in the snow leopard or the latest Mavericks OSX versions.  The OS X Lion’s big changes came with the incorporation of several iOS feature and brought the MAC closer to Apple’s mobile operating system.  If you are grappling with the mystery of the Lion OS X, here are some details and tips which can help you understand the OSX much better:

mac software

mac software


 Unlike the latest Mavericks OS X Mac downloads which are available free of charge, Apple put a cost of $30 on the old OSX Lion operating system.   While this might seem costly in the era of free operating systems, the cost is not too high if you are a long time OS X user.  Also considering the earlier Leopard OS X that cost as much as $129, this is a relatively low cost for an operating system. It will also make the process of upgrading to the later versions a lot easier.  The software can be downloaded on the Mac App Store unlike earlier versions that could be purchased on CDs or brick and mortar stores that used to sell Apple Mac OS X versions.

The Mac App Store distribution allows you to install your OS on multiple computers with a single $30 license as long as the Macs are authorized with an Apple ID used in purchasing the operating system.  In earlier versions, a cost of $129 only got you an OS X for a single install while a $199 Family Pack allowed you to install on up to 5 Macs.

Lion-Friendly Mac Hardware

So what kinds of machines can support the Lion OSX? Some of the specifications put out by Apple which can support this OSX version include Xeon Processors, the Intel Core 2 Duo, the Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. You can get more information about the type of your machine by clicking on the Apple icon located on the top left of your screen then choose the About This Mac option to get the specifications about your Mac computer. Only Mac computers that were released after 2006 can support the Lion OS X Mac software.


Once you have purchased an upgrade from the Apple Mac Store, you will automatically download the large installer app that you will use in the installation process.  When the download process is complete, you can proceed and launch the Lion OS X installer in order to install the Mac software in place. Unlike other previous OS X versions, you do not need to create the bootable installer drive or disc. You can repeat the installation process in other machines once you have an authorized Mac App Store account.

Lion User Experience

The Lion OSX Mac software featured some major changes including a minor Finder makeover, configurable multi-touch gestures, Resume feature, and Autosave and Versions feature where the compatible programs will auto-save your work and allow you to review and see revisions in your work.  For more on the OS X and to download Mac software, check out